A new generation of cable harness tester

Cosam Industries have developed an easy to use low voltage cable harness tester that will save hours of testing time in your manufacturing process. Connect an unknown cable, press the learn button to memorize the connections, and test your wires in seconds. There is no personal computer needed in the self contained CCT-100 series cable tester

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No Programming!  And it’s so easy to use

Never perform a time consuming, point-to-point multimeter test on a cable again because now you own a Cosam wire tester.

Cable harness Tester Any type of cable

Cosam’s cable tester is designed to work like you do.  Unique connect to start technology begins testing as soon as a cable is attached.  So there is no start button to press! 

  1. Start by connecting any type of cable. 
  2. Then, Press the learn button to memorize all of the connections.  (even complex connections)
  3. Finally, Connect more of the same cable and instantly know if they are defective.  A Pass/Fail light, a dual pitch Audible Tone,  and Custom Code will simultaneously let you know.

Newest Model:  Rechargable battery powered cable harness tester (See CCT-100B for details) 

The CCT-100 and the CCT-100B can test any type and any length of copper wired cable (26 wires or less)

If you don’t see a connector board for your cable, then ask us to design one for you.

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Made in the USA
Cosam connect to start technology