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Li-Ion Version just added

A new version of the CCT-100 has been added. The new model is CCT-100B which uses the same programming and architecture as the original but adds a LI-Ion battery for portability. This rechargeable battery allows the unit to run for three days between charges. If you need the ability to move your tester around a lot, then this is the tester for you.

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Customer FeedBack

Customer Feedback page:

To all our loyal customers:

First of all, thank you very much for choosing Cosam Industries for your cable harness testing requirements.  We really appreciate all of the comments and suggestions you have made and want you to know that we are working to accommodate as many of them as we can in future models.  (Yes.. We are in the development of adding a battery pack to allow cord free testing).

This space is for you.  If you wish (and we hope you do) to post your comments, suggestions, reviews, complaints or anything else to a public forum, then please leave your comments here.

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New 26 Pin Interconnect Cables

Cosam Industries is now offering 26 Pin interconnect cables.   Each three foot cable can be cut in half to create 2 separate interconnect cables.  Simply attach by soldering, crimping or screwing each connector pin to one of the cut wires on the interconnect cable and you have a custom connector for your cable.  Interconnect cables are the most cost effective way to create custom connectors for your specific cable.


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Redesigned CCT-100 with Steel Case now available

Redsigned CCT-100

The CCT-100 has been upgraded to include a .048″ steel case.  The new case is compact (7.75″ x 3.50″ x 1.5″) very strong, and easy to use.  “The overall design just feels right”.  The finish on case is a medium gloss epoxy coating that is commonly used to protect automotive brake calipers.  Cosam Industries is offering a one time promotional upgrade for current CCT-100 owners interested in trading in their current cable tester.  Contact the factory for details.