Cable Tester Board CB-25F


Cosam Connector Board:  25 Pin Female D-Sub

When installed on a CCT-100 custom cable tester, this board will be a continuity tester for cables having a 25 pin male D-Sub connector.

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25 Pin Cable Tester Board

25 pin cable tester board snaps into the CCT-100 to enable rapid testing of cables with a 25 pin D-sub male connector.  This one uses 25 of the 26 available test points per connector.

To Install:

  1. Align the three holes of the board with the three mounting pegs on the tester
  2. Then, push the connector in place and snap the pegs into the holes.
  3. After assembly install a known good cable and verify that the unique code is correct.

Key Features:

  • One handed operation makes testing really fast
  • Easy to install onto a Cosam Cable Tester
  • Made in USA
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Gold Plated contact Pins


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