FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • How does the CCT-100 save time when testing cables?

    • The CCT-100 can save extensive time and money when multiple cables of the same type need to be tested at one time. For example, it can take a trained technician ten minutes each to fully test a 15 wire cable.  With a CCT-100 the same cable can be tested by a non-technical person in less than 30 seconds.  For ten cables that’s an hour and a half of a technician’s time vs. five minutes of a general worker’s time.


  • Can the CB’s (Connector boards) be installed in either side of the tester?

    • All CB boards can be installed in either side of the CCT-100 tester. Switching sides will however, create a different unique code.  If you are using the “known good cable” technique, then it will not matter which side the control boards are installed in.  If, however, you are using the unique code as your master, then the control boards need to be installed in the same orientation as when the unique code was generated.


  • Can the CCT-100 be used without connector boards?

    • Absolutely! There are a few things to consider though.  If test cables are plugged directly into the CCT-100, then excessive insertion cycles will wear the gold plating off of the connectors and reduce the life of your CCT-100.  To avoid this, Cosam Industries recommends purchasing ribbon cables with 26 pin connectors.  You can purchase one of these, cut it in half and then attach your own connectors to the cut ends.


  • Why is the CCT-100 limited to only 52 test points while the competition offers 128 points?

    • The CCT-100 was designed as a small portable cable harness tester. To keep the price at a minimum, the number of test points was held to 52.

  • How do I wire the Universal connector board to my connector?

    • Connect a single wire to each pin of your connector. It doesn’t matter which wires you choose as long as only one wire is connected to each pin.  You will also want to make sure that none of the extra wires are connected or can touch each other.


  • How can I verify that my CCT-100 is working correctly?

    • The easiest way to verify your tester is working correctly is to purchase a ribbon cable with 26 pin connectors.  When this cable is connected to both connector ports on the CCT-100 the unique code should be 60E9F4D.  If you see this code, then you know that all 52 points are connected.