Caregiver Pager

Medical Caregiver Pager

Caregiver Pager!  Text your family, friends or nurse wherever they are.
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  • No Monthly Fees
  • Easy setup (just connect to WiFi)
  • Small:   2" x 1.25" x 0.5"
  • Lightweight:  0.6 oz.
  • Wear as a pendant or carry-in-pocket
  • No phone required to send alerts
  • Alerts are sent to any {US based} mobile phone
  • No mobile phone app. required
  • Uses standard text messages
  • One phone can receive alerts from unlimited pagers
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Made in USA

We're Different

Other companies discount the price of their hardware and profit from the required subscription.  The Cosam pager has no subscriptions and thus, saves you hundreds of dollars per year.

The caregiver pager is a small stand-alone device.  Standard text messages are sent through your wireless router to the mobile phone numbers of your choice.  There's no "base station" involved and there is no need for a landline or cellular phone to send alerts.  This system provides up to ten times greater distance than other wireless systems.

It works great for in-home (or out-of-home) caregivers.  The call button stays inside the home WiFi range.  The caregiver receives instant text messages on their mobile phone wherever they are.



Want to know more?

Works with home WiFi

Connect the medical alert device to your home WiFi. Then, enter the receiving mobile phone numbers.  Done!  No app required for the caregivers mobile phone.  They will receive standard text messages when the button is pressed.

Use it for Non-emergancies

Use your Cosam pager to show your loved ones that everything is okay.  Set up a specified time everyday to press the button.  When your loved ones receive your text, they will know that everything is fine.  If they don't receive a text message, then they'll call you or take whatever action is necessary.