How It Works

Press and release the button to send an Alert.  A standard text message will be sent to the phone numbers entered in the setup.  The message will read “{Sender’s Name} needs help!”.

When pressed and released the pager will provide visual feedback of the event.  Please see the chart below for reference.


Blue Light Flashes  ♦ Meaning
♦  {6 seconds}   ♦♦♦ Normal, Text Sent
{9 seconds} ♦{Fast Blink} Can’t connect to WiFi
♦ {6 seconds}♦One Long Senders Name not entered


If the button is pressed and held for more than eight (8) seconds, then the pager will re-enter setup mode and a fast blinking blue light will appear.  When this happens, the WiFi credentials, phone number(s), and Sender’s name must be re-entered.  Follow the details in the setup instructions.

Details Notes:

The pager is a WiFi device and requires an internet connected, standard 2.4GHz wireless router to work.  The pager will not work on 5GHz or WiFi-6 networks.

The Pager is not waterproof!  Do not bathe or shower with it and do not allow it to get wet.

Battery Care

The Cosam Pager comes with a long-lasting, rechargeable LiPo battery.

The battery will last more than two months on a single charge under normal use.  When the battery does require charging, a low battery text will be sent to the phone numbers entered in the setup.

To charge the pager, simply connect the supplied cable to a phone charging brick or computer.  During charging, a red light will appear and will turn green when fully charged.   The battery takes about an hour to recharge.

Setup Instructions

Before you can set up your Pager, you will need the following details and information:

The 2.4GHz WiFi Name and Password. (Note: It will not work on 5G or Wi-Fi 6 networks.)

The US based mobile phone number(s) of the person/people to be notified

  1. Start your Pager by holding the button until you see a solid blue light. (Approximately 10 seconds.) The light will eventually start to “blink fast”. Log into your Medical Alert Pager by going into the WiFi settings from your phone, tablet, or computer and connect to Cosam-Device (No password needed).
  2.  After connected, open a web browser and enter into the address bar (not the search bar).
  3. Enter the following details
  4.  Enter the name and password of your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.
  5.  Enter the Sender’s name (The name/nickname of the person carrying the pager) {ex: Dad, Betsy, Grandma, etc.}  Sender’s Name must be less than 19 characters.
  6.  Enter a 10 digit US mobile Phone Number with no spaces and no punctuation. (Ex. 3216540987)


    If all fields do not get entered within three minutes, the fast blinking light will stop and you’ll have to start over.
    If everything is set correctly, then the first Alert will arrive in a few seconds.


If you have a serious medical condition that may require immediate medical attention, this device may not be a good choice for you. To be effective, the caregiver pager requires your family or friends to check text messages frequently.  This extra step will cause a delay in receiving medical attention.

If you have a pacemaker or other serious heart or medical condition, do not wear pager as a pendant around your neck.  (Do not place any electronics near life support devices.)



The Cosam caregiver pager is an unmonitored medical alert system.  Thus, it is not considered a “Medical Alert System”.  Our pager relies on family and friends to seek appropriate medical attention.  This might not be the best solution for everyone.  If you need a monitoring system, then please see the details in an article by Amy Goyer at AARP for choosing the right device.

Cosam Industries, LLC is not responsible for missed messages. Missed messages may occur due to Wi-Fi, Internet or Cellular outages. Missed messages may also occur from pager being outside of home Wi-Fi coverage, receiving phone(s) not connected or any other reason.

Mobile phone companies may charge to receive text messages.  Please check your phone contract for details.