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CCT 100

Cable Tester

The CCT-100.  An industrial, fully automatic wire harness tester

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Medical Alert Pager

Send Alert Texts to the people you want

About US

Cosam Industries, LLC was founded in 2017.   We are a small (less than 10 person) privately held company located in central Florida.

About us History:

about The first Cosam Industries product was the CCT-100. — A low cost, completely automatic, compact, cable harness tester.  It can test any cable with any connector(s) up to 26 wires.  The CCT-100 is affordable and easy to use.  Just connect a cable, press the “Learn” button and you’re ready to test cables as fast as you can plug them in.  There are dozens of add-on accessories available as well.  It is geared toward manufacturing companies that either build their own cables or need to verify cables from an outside source.  The CCT-100 has evolved into its third generation which is still being sold today.

About us Today:

The Medical Alert Pager was conceived to fill a void in the market.  We wanted a device that didn’t have monthly/yearly fees and was affordable to most households.  Mobile phones may be the best device to tell family that help is needed, but they are big and heavy and people don’t carry them all the time.  Especially in their own home.  Who grabs their phone every time the dog needs to go out?  A small, lightweight device that can be carried in pocket or worn around the neck is a reasonable solution.  It allows the user to forget they even have it with them until they need it.  A bluetooth device that paired with a mobile phone was considered, but the short range of the signal made it impractical for many households.  WiFi became the obvious choice.